The 10 Communications Questions

As we discuss in Chapter 2 of Managing the Unmanageable, the big servings of drama and confusion that unmanageable employees (UEs) dish out can keep you off balance, and frustrate your attempts to deal with the problem.

One of your tools for dealing with that sense of disorientation will be The 10 Communications Questions, below.  The questions provide a reality check, and will help you assess your situation before tackling Step 2 of The 5Cs — that all-important communication of the problem to your UE:

  1. What problem is my UE presenting?
  2. Do I have any sense of the root cause of the problem?
  3. What’s the impact on my UE’s performance?
  4. What’s the impact on my team?
  5. What actions have I taken so far?
  6. How has the UE responded to those actions?
  7. When will I hold a conversation with my UE?
  8. What are the main points I want to get across?
  9. What are the questions I might ask my UE?
  10. How will I know if the talk is a success?

Answering these questions will clarify your view of the problem, and prepare for your first encounter with the UE.  The 10 Communications Questions will also reveal any holes in your understanding of what’s been going on, and lay the groundwork for the action plan you’ll be developing.


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