Meet The Unmanageables

Unmanageable Employees (UEs) come in all sizes, shapes, colors, genders, ages, and orientations, as well as from every culture, country, and creed.

They also present every flavor of unmanageable behavior that your imagination (or theirs!) can come up with.

In fact, there are probably as many variations on unmanageability as there are UEs out there in the workplace.

Still, you can’t tell a story without a character, so we picked the following 11 “classic UE types” to help us illustrate how UEs are managed:

  1. The Excuse-Maker
  2. The Grumbler
  3. The Egomaniac
  4. The Loose Cannon
  5. The Joker
  6. The Do-Gooder
  7. The Wallflower
  8. The Gossip
  9. The Slacker
  10. The Rude-Nik
  11. The AWOL