Step 2: Communicate

Follow Every Step of The 5Cs for Success

Assuming that you’ve committed to working with your UE, you are now engaged in a UE salvage operation.  Your next step is one that many managers try hard to avoid — a frank and open conversation with the person who’s been making their life hell.

Don’t worry, though; you won’t be winging it.  Armed with the information that you collected during Step 1, you will start by presenting your view of the problem, including information about its impact, to your unmanageable.  Ideally, the UE would agree with your view; but if he doesn’t, you’ll at least walk away knowing how his understanding of the problem differs from yours.  Through ongoing communication, you two can ultimately agree on a definition of the problem and on how you’ll work together to solve it — and you’ll learn how to reach that agreement in Managing the Unmanageable.