Goals Diagnostic Chart

Agreed-upon goals are the bedrock of an organization’s success, because they create a consensual, far-reaching vision of what an organization is trying to achieve.  Sometimes goals can be articulated in a mission statement; this, by definition, means that the goals will be general, and broadly stated.  Other times, when goals are more specific or immediate, they can be expressed in clearer details.

But whether they’re specific or broad, general or detailed, clear goals keep everyone on course, because your entire team knows where they’re headed. In order for organizational goals to be implemented effectively, they must be well defined, clearly communicated, accepted by the employee, and finally documented.  The Goals Diagnostic Chart, below, can help you determine if these milestones are in place, and shows you what to do if they are not.

Use this chart to diagnose and solve problems that grow from a misunderstanding of each employee's individual, team, or organizational goals




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