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What’s New with Managing the Unmanageable?

  • Managing the Unmanageable is now on, the online version of Mint, India’s second largest business paper. It recently made their Top 5 business-title list. View these and more recommendations each week here.
  • getAbstract recently awarded Managing the Unmanageable with 7 out of 10 stars, commending, “their realistic advice, clear layout and step-by-step approach to those who must manage challenging employees.” Check out their full review here.
  • Clement Communications recently featured Managing the Unmanageable as its Business Book of the Month. Check out the full article here, which highlights a few of Anne and Jezra’s UE management techniques.
  • The New York Times featured Anne (wearing her Generational Guru hat) in its article on “Working Relationships Across Generations.”  “Ms. Loehr suggests giving young team members some say in how work on a project gets done,” says author Eilene Zimmerman. “Talk to them about their responsibilities, ask some questions and then give them a few choices you can live with.”  Read the full article.
  • Career Builder featured an article with Anne, where she spoke about Managing the Unmanageable.  Check out the whole article here.
  • Webster University has added Managing the Unmanageable to its entrepreneurship curriculum!
  • 130 people attended Anne’s webinar on Managing the Unmanageable hosted by Cornell University.
  • Blog Business World author Wayne Hubert reviewed Managing the Unmanageable, and says, “For me, the power of the book is how Anne Loehr and Jezra Kaye meet the challenge presented by the unmanageable employee directly, and with a proven action plan in place.” Read the full review.
  • A Baseline Magazine review and slide show by Dennis McCafferty notes that “even non-supervisory workers will find value in the problem/solution scenarios meant to help people help themselves.”  See the slide show and review.
  • Leadership Now‘s Michael McKinney says, “Good advice!…You will find helpful composite cases, practical tips and dialogues for dealing with each type.”  Read the full review.

Want to Bring a Wealth of Knowledge to Your Organization?

Anne and Jezra are both sought-after speakers on Managing the Unmanageable and a wide range of other management and communications topics.  To bring them to your organization, contact or

Anne Loehr’s Speaking Engagements:

  • October 4-5: Annapolis, MD
  • October 6: Reston, VA
  • October 11: Washington, DC
  • October 18: Arlington, VA
  • October 20: McLean, VA

What people are saying about Managing the Unmanageable:

This discerning work offers new insights that will enable managers in our complicated, tri-generational workplace to lead with calm determination.  Every generation will respond to the authors’ “5C” leader who projects respect for diversity of opinion and background, rather than fostering a command-and-control environment.

Colonel Jon A. Roop
U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Managing the Unmanageable provides clear guidance on how to deal with the most common management challenge – the difficult team member.  The “What’s It Worth” worksheet and practical advice in each chapter provide valuable tools for any manager, regardless of their experience – in any industry.

Sr. Director, Gift Planning 
National Philanthropic Organization

This innovative guide to motivating the toughest members of your team will inspire managers in every setting.  With passion, common sense, and clarity, Cornell School of Hotel Administration alum Anne Loehr and her co-author Jezra Kaye demystify what makes employees “unmanageable,” and show, step by step, how to turn them around.

Tom Ward, Managing Director
The Leland C. and Mary M. Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship
Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

Loehr and Kaye provide a dignified and very practical approach to managing the inevitable – challenging and difficult team members.  Grounded in years of hands-on experience ‘Managing the Unmanageable’ is full of valuable tips and techniques, and how to implement them with authentic care and respect.  A pragmatic contribution to every manager’s bookshelf.

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D., President
Strozzi Institute Center for Leadership and Mastery

Finally—a really practical approach to dealing with unproductive employee behavior and how to evaluate the cost/benefit of making the effort to turn it around. Loehr and Kaye provide an effective, no-nonsense method for engaging in the work of turning an unmanageable, subversive employee into a productive team member that also results in gaining valuable insights into your own management style. I wish I’d had this book in my management tool kit twenty years ago.

Christine Salem, Managing Director
Outside’s Go magazine

‘Managing the Unmanageable’ brings into clear focus one of the issues many otherwise successful executives simply ignore—the problem employee.  This book provides a compelling call to action to not ignore that person, and then it clearly presents a proven, non-threatening method to help both the manager and them become a star.  Applying these techniques quickly cleared up a lingering problem for me.

Scott Thacker, Chief Operating Officer
Ivory Consulting Corporation

Where were Anne Loehr and Jezra Kaye when I needed them?!  Before starting Savvy Navigator Tours, I managed hundreds of airline industry employees, and this book could have saved me a lot of headaches! Read it now — it’s vital to your own and your team’s success!

Jeffrey Ward, Owner
Savvy Navigator Tours

Having worked with both Loehr and Kaye to successfully hit my company’s targeted goals, hone my management skills and advance my communication, I knew the value of their work and saw the direct, positive impact of their ideas on my company’s bottom line. This book was what I expected from their style…a practical, step-by-step and often humorous guide to handling difficult employees.

Steve Goldenberg, Founder and CEO

I’ve already recommended your book’s process to a colleague who was preparing for a difficult conversation, and am going to try to make your book part of our MBA capstone curriculum.

Sean Coleman, Regional Director
Webster University

Whether you’re leading a group, spearheading a project, or wondering what happened to a formerly great colleague, this book is a must read.  But be warned:  Once you start ‘Managing the Unmanageable’, you won’t be able to put it down!  The powerful and invaluable ideas that pour from each page will help you analyze, understand, and stop disruptive behaviors by successfully engaging even the most unmanageable employee.

Cynthia de Lorenzi, CEO
Success in the City