Step 4: Coach

Follow Every Step of The 5Cs for Success

At the heart of many UE’s behavior is a problem with their attitude.  We define attitude as the inner focus and motivation that a person brings to the activities in his or her life.  While some UE’s will self-correct following a frank communication (or when you’ve clarified their roles and  goals,), most will need to examine and shift the inner attitudes that are giving rise to unmanageability.

You’re just the person to help your UE do that — yet many managers are wary of coaching.  They don’t believe in getting into people’s heads.  Or they feel overburdened, and see coaching as another skill set that they don’t have the time or energy to learn.

Fortunately, coaching can be quickly learned, and even more quickly applied to UEs.  It’s one of your most powerful and flexible tools.  And that’s good, because in most unmanageable situations, your UE will eventually require some amount of coaching — by you!